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3 Things You Need To Think About For Your Outdoor Wedding Photos

There’s just something about being in nature that makes me feel happy and when I'm capturing a couple's love it just makes sense to me to do it outside. So, if you're thinking of having some outdoor wedding photos and videos, you're in exactly the right place and here are some top tips for getting some really fun, relaxed, alternative wedding photos and videos that are authentic to you! And, that don't require you to peek out from behind a tree which is just weird and totally 90's. Usually I'm here.for.the.90s. but on this occasion, leave the cheesy poses at home!

An alternative bride and groom couple with tattoos getting married in the woods in near Worcester in Worcestershire

Prompts over poses

As I said before, no posing over here. We don't want those Chandler Bing smiles and we certainly don't want cheesy, 90s traditional wedding photos that don't tell your story either. There's a big difference between a pose and a prompt and I much prefer to use 'prompts'. This is when I'll very lightly direct you to do something together such as walk towards me but make sure you're always having some physical contact, or whisper something in your partner's ear. This way, the emotion and interaction between the two of you will be natural, genuine and real, meaning you will get beautifully natural wedding photos which capture the real you.

A photo of an alternative bride and groom in the woods having an outdoor wedding


If you're thinking of having some outdoor couples' portraits at your wedding, then consider your timeline and factor in 20 to 30 minutes for some golden hour goodness. Golden hour photos are just magical! You wouldn't think that the time of day would make such a difference, but it really does. If you want those extra special shots, where the light is the most flattering and you look like you're both glowing then golden hour is what you need! The ideal time is 30 minutes to an hour before sunset, so try and make time to get outside before your wedding breakfast or cutting the cake!

The Weather

We here in the West Midlands aren't exactly blessed with typically the best weather for outdoor photos, are we? However, I know that you're reading this far because you are a fellow nature lover, as am I. If you weren't, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't care this much about getting your outdoor wedding photos right!

Anyway, we, as said nature lovers, embrace the weather for what it is: unpredictable, imperfect and uncontrollable. And isn't that the beauty if it? Let's make Alanis proud and embrace the rain on our wedding day. It doesn't have to ruin it, we have umbrellas (get some clear ones!). We can change our wedding shoes into some Doc Martens or hiking boots. We can find shelter under a tree. We can dance in the rain. Splash in the puddles. Get the dress dirty. Have an outfit change for the evening. Don't let a bit of a natural shower ruin the most special day of your life. Let's make it unforgettable in an amazing way.

Nature is so imperfect but so perfect at the same time, a lot like love and relationships. Trees are contorted, bent in weird ways and still beautiful. Nature doesn’t follow trends or try to be anything it isn’t. It’s never in a rush to get things done, always patient that everything will work out just perfectly in time. Ever changing and ever accepting of change.

We have so much to learn from it and what a better setting to have precious memories captured?!

Embrace the seasons.

Let’s get out there.

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