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Dudley Register Office Wedding Photos

An emotional bride and groom couple getting married in the Priory Suite at Dudley Register Office

It was a rainy, windy and wintery day in January at Dudley Register Office for these intimate wedding photos.

As always, I asked them what was the most important part of the day to which they replied “the actual getting married bit”. So, capturing the emotion of the ceremony in Dudley was where I focused my attention as they both wanted relaxed photos that captured their intimate ceremony in the most natural way.

The Ceremony

Unfortunately for me, Covid restrictions meant I had to stay seated amongst the guests for the duration of the ceremony which made all of the wedding photos backlit from the beautifully grand, wooden paned windows. Even though I’d have loved to have shot the natural light shining on their emotional faces, I think the windows framing their ceremony from this angle actually turned out really lovely.

The Reception

The day flowed from a morning register office ceremony in Dudley through to a relaxed reception at Sandwell Golf Club where we did some natural couples photos. If the weather had been our friend that day we would have made the most of Priory Park around the Register Office and taken some photos of the newly married couple in the castle ruins, however it wasn’t to be! It was so cold, windy and rainy that we decided to stay warm and wait for the weather to clear up a little.

So we arrived at Sandwell Gold Club for a lovely three-course meal and some very emotional speeches. We ventured outside whilst there was a slight break in the weather and as neither of them wanted awkward poses, (I mean who does?!) and they both declared how much they hated having their photo taken, I used some prompts and light direction to get these lovely natural photos of them and their newly-married love.

We also took some small group photos inside because of the rain, and the golf club actually has some lovely windows in their upstairs Snooker Room which we took advantage of to make sure everyone stayed warm and dry!

An emotional intimate wedding at Dudley Register Office

The Party!

The evening party got started and alongside a really fun photo booth, there was plenty of dancing to reggae and ska as well as some obligatory ‘Oops Upside Your Head’, ‘Saturday Night’ and ‘5,6,7,8’ 😆 love a good dance floor dance routine!

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