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A Newborn Photoshoot at Home in Stourbridge, West Midlands

There’s something so special about capturing you as a family in your own home. It’s your safe space. Your happy place. Where you feel the most comfortable, the most ‘you’ and the most at ease.

Often you don’t think of having professional photos in your own home, but I highly recommend it. Especially if you’re in the stages of newborn bliss and getting out of the house seems too much of a challenge. Let me come to you and do all the work! It’s nice to be able to look back and see the house that you brought your kids up in as well as them in that environment.

One thing I love the most, other than taking photos of weddings and couples in love, is photos of families. When you have a baby, your whole perspective on life changes and those few weeks at the beginning of bringing a baby home are just magical. So, when you're recovered and welcoming guests but still in that newborn baby bliss, I couldn't think of a better way of preserving that feeling and those memories than getting some photos of the family all together, where you feel most comfortable, at your own home.

If you feel up for it, we could do some lovely, outdoor family photos at a woodland in Kinver or in a park in Stourbridge for example and if you have older children, this is such a lovely way of getting them involved and actually getting some photos of you all together as a family.

Do you find that you're often the one missing from the photos because you're taking them? Let's put an end to that! They won't be tiny forever, and as we all know the time goes so fast.

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