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Lifestyle Family Photoshoot At Home in Worcester, UK

Can I ask you something? 🤔

Have you ever considered having a family photoshoot at home?

I’m guessing probably not, and if I weren’t a photographer I wouldn’t either! I’d probably wonder why anyone would want to invite someone in to take photos while their house is a mess, there’s a huge pile dirty washing and you’ve not managed to have a shower for longer than 5 minutes in weeks.

Please, please let me convince you that all those things are exactly the reason why these types of photos are even more beautiful.

They’re raw, authentic, full of love.

They tell a story.

They have the ability to transport you back to that exact moment in your life once it’s passed by.

You’ll again be able to smell the baby powder, hear the favourite nursery rhyme and feel the soft baby skin.

You won’t care what you looked like, that there was a sink full of washing up or that your shoulder had sick stains on it.

You’ll look back and remember the moments so fondly, you’ll be able to retell so many stories from one photo.

That’s why you should have some family photos at home.

The place where you brought the baby home to.

The place that has the chair you always sat in for the afternoon nap.

The place where your baby learnt to walk.

The place where you all feel safe, comfortable, YOU.

There’s so much beauty in the chaos and I feel so unbelievably privileged to be invited in to preserve these moments for so many families 🥹

Let me know what you think of having photos taken at home!

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