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Relaxed Wedding Photography in the Midlands at Blithfield Lakeside Barns

This super fun wedding in the West Midlands was in Rugeley at Blithfield Lakeside Barns wedding venue. Overlooking a huge, beautiful lake and with a rustic charm, this was the perfect location for laid back couple Amy and Joe.

They wanted to ensure they got lots of candid photos of their guests mingling and having a good time as well as some relaxed couples portraits that really showed their true personalities. As a laid back wedding photographer myself, I understand how important it is to find suppliers that align with your personalities. The last thing you want is spending an hour out of your wedding day for the photographer to express their own creativity on a portrait session if you're both self-conscious about having your photo taken and your priority is to spend as much time with your loved ones as possible.

Amy and Joe wanted just that - to maximise their time enjoying themselves! So, we fitted a quick portrait session in that lasted no longer than 15 minutes, before they went in for their first dance, and it shows what can be done in such a small amount of time. There's no need to take hours out, just 10 or 15 minutes should be plenty to get everything you're hoping for!

Check out their sneak peek gallery below.


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